Interesting history of courses at Davidson.

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In the spring of 1911, the college issued a new college catalog – one that contained a small but significant shift. The course listings for 1909-1901o catalog included a heading for Mental and Moral Philosophy.  The new catalog listed Philosophy and Psychology.

The name change signals a shift in ideas about classical education and the acceptance of new academic fields. Davidson College had offered a course in Mental Philosophy since its beginnings, usually offered only to seniors and as part of a collection of “philosophies”–moral, natural, mechanical, and mental -using readings from classical authors to explain the wonders of the natural world and humankind.  Three years earlier, the February 1908 catalog carried the first listing for a class in Biology.  Seven years earlier than that (taking us back to 1901), the college had its first president with a Ph.D.

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Attended a gathering at Davidson with John on Global Connections and so enjoyed being in the educational environment. We heard from Chris Alexander on Tunisia, Shelly Ridder on China, a student panel of 4 current students (2 international students currently at Davidson and 2 US students who recently returned from India and Syria, respectively) and skyped with a student in the Dominican Republic and another in Egypt. Fascinating.

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Williams’ commitment to the best possible study-abroad experience for every student is front and center, especially now: this year’s campus theme is “Global Connections.”

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When parachochial schools are closing down in many parts of the country, Charlotte’s diocese is adding a new high school. Definitely refects the changing character of Charlotte.

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The new Christ the King Catholic High School, which is scheduled to open this fall at a temporary location in Huntersville, will host a meeting Thursday to update families on progress on the new school.Newly hired project director Daniel Dolan will lead the meeting, which will be at 7 p.m. at St. Therese Catholic Church, on Brawley School Road in Mooresville.The new school will be run by the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte. Mr. Dolan came to the diocese recently after many years of service to the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Richmond and Arlington, Va.

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